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Despite many challenges, Yoemem Tekia has been able to continuously operate the museum and provide services to the community thanks to volunteers, fundraising, grants and donations from caring people like you.



What we do

Yoemem Tekia is a grassroots non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Over the last 28 years we have acquired many artifacts, manuscripts, photos, audio and visual objects that are historically and culturally significant.

We currently have 6 cultural exhibits, as well as a gift shop and mini café/snack bar. The museum offers Cultural and Traditional workshops such as: flower making, traditional embroidery and traditional cooking classes. Yaqui history nights are held quarterly; history nights provide an opportunity for the community, elders and cultural leaders to come together and share historic and cultural information.

Our history

The Yoemem Tekia Foundation was founded by Yaqui Traditional Elders and Community members in 1989. The museum was conceived by the late Traditional Chief and Spiritual Leader Anselmo Valencia Tori, as a place where the preservation and presentation of Yaqui Culture and History would be in the hands of Yaqui Elders, Cultural Leaders and the Yaqui Community. Today, the museum is located on the original site of the Pascua Yaqui Historic Dome.



Your donations are fully tax-deductible and help the Yoemem Tekia Foundation continue preserving the Yaqui culture. Your donations go toward expanding, improving, and renovating our buildings; expanding and adding new programs and workshops; supplying food in our Ma'ala Yo'owe Café; and setting up events, promoting our foundation.