At sunset, in the Cultural area on the Pascua Yaqui Reservation, Anselmo Valencia Tori would hold his weekly youth group where the young people would come and learn Ceremonial Songs, Dances, Stories and History passed down through many generations.

He would travel to Rio Yaqui Sonora,  bringing the  youth   with him to meet Cultural Leaders, support Land and Water Rights of the Yaqui Tribe and so that the youth would form strong connections with our people and land in Sonora.

It was of great importance to him that the youth of the Yaqui Nation have the opportunity to learn about their culture in all of its integrity directly from their Elders and Cultural Leaders.

The Yoemem Tekia Foundation was started by Anselmo   Valencia Tori for this reason; to Preserve and Perpetuate the Yaqui Culture, History and Language for future generations. Yoemem Tekia means the Peoples Duties to the Creator.

He wanted the organization to be led by the Cultural Leaders of the Tribe, the Board of Directors is made up of the ceremonial leaders and participants representing the different aspects of Yaqui cultural and ceremonial life.

The Foundation was started in 1989 as a non-profit organization to support projects including:  The Yaqui Living Museum; Youth/Elder activities; Land and Water Rights in Rio Yaqui Sonora; Culture/History workshops and preservation; intertribal youth activities and cultural rights for the Yaqui Tribe on both sides of the border.